Enter below for your chance to win a Free Hike + Food Tour and 20% off for a friend!


WIN a FREE Hike + Food Tour and 20% off for a friend by entering our #268beachchallenge in collaboration with our friends at @antiguabeaches268 and @eat_n_lime_food_tours !

The competition starts Sunday August 30th 2020 at 7:00 am and ends at 2:00 pm. 


1. Participants must have an Instagram account. Only 5 participants are allowed to participate in each challenge.

2. Participants must visit 10 beaches between 7am and 2pm of the given day and upload a video in their stories of themselves at each beach using the hashtag #268beachchallenge and tagging the pages @antiguabeaches268@contoursanu268 and @eat_n_lime_food_tours .  

3. A list of the 10 beaches for this challenge will be provided to each participant 12 hours before the start of the competition on Saturday August 29th 2020.

4. The Challenge must be started from the center of the island at the Freeman's Village Football Field. A Representative from either of the companies listed above will be there to check in participants.

5. The uploaded videos must not be filtered or previously recorded. The participant must be visible in each video and announce which beach they are at.

Important points: 

1. The first person to post their 10th beach visit wins.

2. The winner will be provided with the next available date to schedule their FREE HIKE + FOOD TOUR!

3. This challenge will continue one weekend day per month until the start of the new year 2021 with different prizes for each winner.

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