Wearing Masks is required for both our staff and adventurers!

Everyone's temperature is checked before our adventures!

Our Handwashing station is available before we take off on our adventure and where it isn't, Hand Sanitizer will be provided.

Our equipment is cleaned and sanitized between each booking!

Please note that all bookings are private and separate bookings will not be combined.

Please note that you will need to maintain a reasonable distance from your guide especially when your mask will need to be removed for easier breathing. Please note, persons who do not wear a mask, cannot participate in any activity. 

Persons who display signs of the flu cannot participate in any activities. Please refer to our cancellation policy available under each tour and sent via email once booking online. Don't see it? No worries! Contact one of our agents here for further clarification!

Contours Kids

Our children's camps are not held at one location however everyone meets at one central location where each child's temperature is taken and logged and their hands washed. Hands are washed and/or sanitized periodically throughout the camp. Camps last no more than 5 hours each day. The temperatures of all staff and management involved in each activity is logged as well.

Campers are separated into groups of 5 and travel together in these groups.

Masks are mandatory for all campers, staff and management. Staff in placed in charge of ensuring social distancing between campers.

Each parent will receive a Covid 19 guideline to go through with their child before the start of the camp or activities. Each guidelines roughly includes:

1. Ensuring that their child is wearing a mask on once they arrive at the meeting point. Children who arrive without a mask will not be allowed to participate.

2. Ensuring that they are aware of the importance of hand washing and avoiding contact with their eyes ,nose and mouth.

3. Ensuring that they understand social distancing and how to maintain their distance with others.

Additionally lunch is packaged individually and transported to the set location for each child during the camp/activity. Buffets are currently not available. 

Children who display signs of the flu cannot participate in any of the days activities. Conditional Refunds are available for parents who inform us of their sick child and only partial refunds are available to parent whose child was discovered to be unwell at the meeting point.