April 1,3 & 6-10 2021


Let's go on an adventure together!

Join us on a completely custom adventure starting April 1st 2021. We've partnered with the West Indies Sail Heritage Foundation for this adventure and many more future adventures - be sure to stay tuned!

Our aim as always remain to allow each child the opportunity to explore hidden beaches, learn about the importance of the environment especially for island life, and experience new ways to enjoy being outside and its benefits.

PLEASE NOTE: 40% of the profits from each sailing day will be donated towards helping develop the marine careers of young women and men in Antigua and Barbuda who are otherwise unable to afford it. This is the goal of the West Indies Sail Heritage Foundation and you can learn more about them here.  



2 days in Nature!

$260 EC per child 
Ocean Love Sailing Day
Your child will experience an “Ocean Love Sailing Day” aboard the Carriacou Sloop New Moon with our new friends from the West Indies Sail Heritage Foundation.  They will experience the thrill of sailing and learn about the effect of plastic pollution in the ocean. They will anchor in Carlisle Bay, go for a swim, and clean the beach before having lunch on the boat and sailing back to Falmouth Harbour.
Please note: To participate in this adventure, must be able to swim. 
Hike & Kayaking Adventure + Beach Day
Your child will enjoy the amazingly active adventure of kayaking through the mangroves at South Coast Horizon, hiking up Goat Hill and playing on a hidden beach, all before returning for the day!
- Transfer to and from the meeting point
- A delicious Lunch
- Snacks/Fruits for the journey
- Water
- An experienced sailing team for the Ocean Love Sailing Day
- Trained Guides
- Two amazing adventures!
Add on Adventures
Does your child want to do more? Check out our additional adventures here! 
Please note: All spots must be filled for an additional adventure to operate. Contours KIDS by Contours Antigua reserves the right to cancel adventures that do not meet the number of persons required.
6 Beach Adventure + Beach Day at Pearns Point
Your child will enjoy an adventure discovering 6 beaches in 1 day on the west coast of the island. There will be loads of games and fun to be had as they explore each beach before returning.
$120 EC per child 
Hike + Beach Day at Rendezvous Bay
Your child will visit one of the largest hidden beaches on island on the south coast. They will be able to explore the differences of a bay and beach and if the tide is willing, access the small island nearby before returning.
$120 EC per child 
Offshore Island Visit + Beach Day
Your child will enjoy a tour of an Offshore Island on the northern tip of the island and a fantastic beach day exploring the island before returning.
$150 EC per child 
Hike + Paragliding Demonstration 
Your child will be taken on a hike through one of the reforestation projects on island where they will meet and watch a demonstration from a Paragliding Instructor with over 20 years of Experience. This adventure is apart of our upcoming series of Short Adventures: Jobs away from the desk!
$120 EC per child 
Hike to Mermaid Gardens + Beach Day
Your child will enjoy a short hike to Mermaid Gardens discovering this beautiful hidden pool within the National Parks of Antigua and Barbuda. The day will continue with a fun beach day before returning!
$120 EC per child 


A. What is included in each Adventure day?
Included: The Activity, Lunch, Snacks/Fruits, Water, Transportation to and from the meeting point and Trained Guides/Instructors
C. Where is our meeting point?
Our meeting point is at the Botanical Gardens located in the capital city of St. John's. You will receive a Google Location at the completion of registration and payment.
E. What is the cost? When do I pay? How can I pay?
Each Adventure day has its own unique cost. Please refer to our registration form for exact costs per child.
Payment is due on the 29th March 2021 at a location convenient to both. At present, only cash is accepted for our short adventures. If you are unable to pay via cash, please communicate this with us in advance.
B. What Covid 19 Protocols do we have in place? 
Check out our Covid 19 protocols for all our adventures/camps here.
D. How can I register?
Register below or give us a call at 1 268 771 1641 and complete your registration over the phone. Please note that you will need to provide an email address.
F. How long do our adventures last each day?
Our short adventures range from 5-7 hours in total each day depending on the activity however the number of children is kept below 8 within a given activity.



Please complete our registration form here:


Wearing Masks is required for both our staff and adventurers!

Everyone's temperature is checked before our adventures!

Our Handwashing station is available before we take off on our adventure and where it isn't, Hand Sanitizer will be provided.

Our equipment is cleaned and sanitized between each booking!

Our children's camps/adventure days are not held at one location however everyone meets at one central location where each child's temperature is taken and logged and their hands washed. Hands are washed and/or sanitized periodically throughout the camp. Camps last no more than 5-7 hours each day. The temperatures of all staff and management involved in each activity is logged as well.

Campers are separated into smaller groups and travel together in these groups.

Masks are mandatory for all campers, staff and management. Staff in placed in charge of ensuring social distancing between campers.

Each parent will receive a Covid 19 guideline to go through with their child before the start of the camp or activities. Each guidelines roughly includes:

1. Ensuring that their child is wearing a mask on once they arrive at the meeting point. Children who arrive without a mask will not be allowed to participate.

2. Ensuring that they are aware of the importance of hand washing and avoiding contact with their eyes ,nose and mouth.

3. Ensuring that they understand social distancing and how to maintain their distance with others.

Additionally lunch is packaged individually and transported to the set location for each child during the camp/activity. Buffets are currently not available. 

Children who display signs of the flu cannot participate in any of the days activities. Conditional Refunds are available for parents who inform us of their sick child and only partial refunds are available to parent whose child was discovered to be unwell at the meeting point.